Hello! I’m Shona, a portrait photographer based in Leyland, Lancashire.

I love photographing all kinds of portraits, getting to know the people in front of my lens and playing a small part in their story creating moments that can be treasured forever. My style is fun, natural and vibrant. I prefer capturing real colourful moments rather than forced poses. My aim is to always have fun and capture as much of your personality as possible, you just being you!

I’m originally from Cornwall but now I live in Leyland, Lancashire with my partner and our beautiful daughter, Erin Rose.
Horror movies, rock music & being crafty are just a few of my favourite things and I pretty much live for Halloween. I am known for my Pumpkin Patch photoshoots and can’t wait to show off this years new set!

Photography has always been a big part of my life, from the moment I picked up a camera at the age of 15, an old Canon 400D my father owned for Astrophotography. I would photograph anything and everything, experimenting with light drawing. People loved seeing my images and started to ask me do photographs for them. While everyone else was spending their money on cars I bought my very own camera, a Canon 5D I affectionately named ‘THE BEAST’. I still have him to this day but now use a Canon 5D mark4.

Since then I have had the honour of meeting and photographing the band QUEEN, as well as many other live acts, models, weddings and portraits over the years. It was only after the birth of my daughter I decided to make my passion into a job.

If you would like me to be your photographer, please do send me a message. Let’s create some beautiful memories together!